The Great Wall of China: Pictures, Facts, History & Length

The Great Chinese Wall is one of the world’s wonders. Here we are going to discuses the facts and history of the Great Wall of China. It is also one of the best places in china regarding travel and tourism. It is famous due to its long length. The tourists usually go to China to visit the Great Chinese Wall and take its pictures and photographs.

The Great Wall of China can be seen from space. The longest and highest Chinese wall was built for defense purpose and the defensive structure is unique of its nature. The UNESCO is protecting the Great wall of China from marauding invaders from North. This is a symbol of Chinese civilization and genius.

The Chinese Great Wall is a series of fortifications, which are made of bricks, stones, wood, temped earth and other solid materials. It was built on the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese Empire. The main purpose of this wall was to protect the Chinese Empire from the military and other warlike forces. The wall is still protecting China and giving shelter to the countrymen during war.

The Chinese Wall is also one of the best places to visit in China. The tourist usually visit China especially to visit the Great Wall of China. The construction of the great Chinese wall was started by the Ming Dynasty and almost 20 states were involved in its immense construction. During the construction of wall the several kinds of building materials were used and the work completed in almost 2,000 years. The Wall of China is considered to be the longest man made structure in the world, as its length is almost 6,700 KMs. The wall joins the Eeast to West in the northern China, and it is going through the mountains, barren hills, deserts and plateaus.

Whereas the history of Great Chinese Wall is concerned, in fact during the subsequent warring states period, the states of Yan, Qi, Zhao, Qin, Wei and Zhongshan constructed the Chinese Great Wall to defend their borders. In past, when guns were not available the main purpose behind the construction of Chinese wall was to defend the borders from the attack of small arms like swords and spears. But these days the wall has become one of the best traveling destinations in China, and the people who are visiting China go to the watchtower and have a look on the great Chinese Wall. There are several other facts and realities behind the Great Wall of China, which are saved in the historical books of China.

In this modern age, it is impossible to construct like this wall. Several defensive walls were constructed by the various countries to defend their borders, but the Great Wall of China was one of the longest and best. It took a long time in the construction process, where a big bunch of labor was engaged to speed up the work. You must have a look on the pictures of Chinese Great Wall, so that you can become excited to arrange a tour to visit The Great Chinese Wall. As China is earning revenue from the visitors and tourists, it has built some beautiful hotels, so that the more visitors from all over the world could be attracted.

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